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she’s just… so… <3
i promise i’ll stop soon.

she’s just… so… <3

i promise i’ll stop soon.

98 10.02.14

Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy

135 10.02.14

oh hey, i guess it’s my birthday.

1 07.09.14

[i won’t hide the ways i’ve tried.]

1 06.27.14

i have some good friends.

who are really making themselves known this week.

thank you, friends. <3

thanks for keeping tabs on my stupid ass. 

i love you. 

sometimes i wish i was a normal girl

(every boy wants a normal girl)

4 06.26.14

i hope to god you’re not as dumb as you make out
and i hope to god i’m not as numb as you make out.
rip it up and start again.

11 04.24.14


I think how repulsive to you it must be when I refuse to do the things you want me to.

1 04.21.14
1 04.21.14

i’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl

possibly maybe have a little crush.

this never ends well.

uh oh.

1 04.13.14

i’m perfect.

1 04.11.14